Attack the Light - Steven Universe Light RPG App Reviews

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This game is the best thing that has ever happened to my iPhone The game is like a dungeon crawler with Paper Mario battle mechanisms. Its gorgeous, the animations are great, not too easy but not too hard. Bonus levels to test your skills. References all over the place Its just so good. If you love Steven Universe, its an instant buy. Also no in-app purchase, thats rare nowadays to have a game that good on the app store

Awesome App just like the show.

No paywalls, no obnoxious ads, its great... Except could you do something about the crashes that keep occurring, theyre slowing down my progress.

I regret NOTHING!

I dived head first into the Steven Universe world and was ecstatic when I read about this game. And it did not disappoint : the graphics are beautiful, the animation flawless, the story well-thought and close to the shows. I spent every free moment I had on this game for three days until completed it, and loved every minute of it. Amazing job!

Crashes on first boss.

Crashes while Im fighting the first boss and consumes the items used in the battle (like if lost). When it crashed on the last hit it was the last drop. Please get a two-way support channel. It says "Support" here, not "FAQ".

A great RPG for fans of the show or the Paper Mario games!

If you are a fan of the show, or if you like the Paper Mario games, or good, turn-based rpgs, then you will love this game! The game uses the same battle mechanics as Paper Mario (take that as a compliment!) but infuses it with the incredible charm and relationships from the show. Without a doubt, would replay on hard or buy a sequel if/when those become available.

wonderful game!

Great Game, Great price, Now buy it!

Must Have

Theres a reason this game is a classic! An absolute must have iOS game for all ages, and in my opinion the best RPG that has ever came out on Apple. Stylish, Creative and fun, a part for the rare crash this game is addicting, and great to play in short bursts, or long periods of time.

Completely worth the money

Really fun game! The graphics are great and the gameplay is pretty nice. A must-have for any SU fan :)

Truly spectacular

This is a truly amazing game with fun timing based combat, pretty graphics and a story similar to an episode of the show.Its really helped me deal with the hiatus and given me something to do in my free time.its a great game for fans of show or people who just want to play a fun paper Mario like RPG


Thank you for making it the free app of the week

Loving it!

What an amazing game to match an amazing show! Love love love it!


Better than I expected


Great game, iOS needs more RPGs like this.

Good game.

Its a good game with good mechanics, graphics, and storyline. One thing I dont like about it is that its really short. I completed it in about 2 weeks.

Steven Universe 10/10

An excellent game from a perfect anime. A revelation for me!!

Addicted !

I love the show! This game represents the show very well. I became obsessed and addicted to the game. I wish they would let the gems level up higher than "30" and more maps !!


This game is the best RPG. Plus it doesnt even need wi-fi

Awesome game but...

Needs to be longer...

The Steven-bomb dot com

I love it so very much so.....great for filling the void of my first hiatus

Really great

I was a little surprised to see how amazing well put together this game is. I also didnt expect it to be so much fun, I could barely put it down. My only complaint is that there are only 25 levels, which I completed in under a day. But if you want something fun, I would definitely recommend this game.

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